Regional & Cross Border Freight

We offer transshipment of Goods to our neighboring landlocked countries including Uganda, Ethiopia,Rwanda, Burundi, Norther DRC and South Sudan.

What services we provide

Our objective is to deliver standard services over all of East Africa, especially in challenging terrain and great distances. We constantly keep to our schedules by road and by rail because of our knowledgeable staff and highly motivated employees.

We provide bulk and containerized commodity shipping and relocation services. We offer a variety of modes of transportation, such as road, rail, or a combination of the two for full and part load shipments.

Specialized transportation alternatives can be created by Sovam Logistics to move your cargo fast and easily. Sovam Logistics has over ten years of expertise in the east African market, with a diverse clientele that includes Kenya, Uganda, Northern Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We can integrate road transport management and rail transportation economics for seamless door-to-door service and cost savings. We are able to provide transportation solutions for every type of demand thanks to our wide network of transport vehicles, which includes large transport trucks, flat bed trailers, closed body trailers, low loaders, and trucks from Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Regardless of whether your freight requires door-to-door, coast-to-coast, rail, or road transportation,


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