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12 years of experience
We are a world class shipping and logistics company that prioritizes on excellent service and customer satisfaction based on quality. We have alot of experience on matters of clearing and forwarding, when you choose sovam Logistics you save yourself from stress, you only sit back and wait for your confirmation of delivery.
Get Professional Advice
We are well-versed in all aspects of cargo, customs, record keeping, etc. as a licensed customs clearing agent. We provide expert guidance on a range of shipping, customs, audit, and bookkeeping-related issues. Your company will really benefit from the advice and recommendations. In addition to lowering the likelihood of gaps, guidance from Sovams Logistics Limited would increase productivity.
Quick customs clearance
There are some workarounds here. But, generally speaking, shipping companies need to make sure their items don’t overstay their welcome. Otherwise, they may be hit with significant demurrage charges—much to the chagrin of stakeholders. Therefore, it’s important to work with a reputable and efficient clearing agent who can push shipments through customs. That way, you can avoid unnecessary complications and surcharges. Sovam Logistics Stands in the gap for the best professional service..
Affordable Rates
We have the best un-beatable rates in the market. Contact us and save your self an expensive hassle trying to gamble with other players.
Brilliant team
The team at Sovam Logistics assigned with customs clearance is well-versed with the procedure. Thus making it easy for them to pursue the formalities in relatively less time.With a well-knit digital platform, we are able to track the shipments and affirm timely delivery, as well as, processing.
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